Pusher Channels’ new “authorized connection” feature gives you more control over who can connect to your Channels app and more visibility of who is connected. If all your connections use private or presence channels, you do not need to do any integration work, and you can enable authorized connections in your dashboard today. Pusher Channels […]

Back in September, we announced that we would remove support for TLS 1.0 in Pusher Channels. Based on feedback from many users, we have decided to extend our support for TLS 1.0. Despite less than 1% of all clients using this old protocol version, there are several environments which have poor support for newer TLS […]

Pusher makes it easy for developers to reliably deliver data at scale. A few features we are working on required a rewrite of our internal message bus, but we knew anything we build has to perform as reliably as the existing platform. Our chosen language for this job was Haskell, compiled with GHC. Haskell, unusually […]