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A few months ago on the Pusher blog I wrote about Making Elm Realtime by using Elm’s port system to integrate an Elm application with messages from PusherJS. When I published that post, the latest Elm version was 0.16 and integrating with Pusher wasn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be. In […]

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In this tutorial, we’ll build a Pusher chat component using the native web components specification. Web Components feel like they’ve been around for ever; a quick google search shows blog posts from early 2014 talking about the specification and what they will bring to the web, and the specs first began to surface as early […]

In May, Angular 2 released rc.1 and it brought quite a number of changes, mainly package renaming and some moving around. To get a sense of the framework with the official release candidate, we’re going to build a realtime Angular 2 app that lets you search Twitter for realtime updates. This blog post is an […]

Back in March I had the pleasure of flying out to San Francisco to speak at Fluent Conf, a yearly event organised by O’Reilly focused on front-end development, to speak about Universal JavaScript. You can find the video below, along with links to the slides and extra information. By writing our applications in this universal […]

Today we’re continuing our Building Realtime Apps tutorial series by taking a look at how to build a realtime chat application using CycleJS, a functional, reactive framework that uses the Reactive JavaScript Extensions under the hood. We’ll see how to model an application using Cycle and get familiar with the core concept of RxJS: data […]

Last week a module called left-pad, just 11 lines of JavaScript long, broke the internet. The module — relied on by the likes of Babel, React and other popular libraries — was removed from npm (the package manager for NodeJS) and suddenly everything stopped working as it should. Unsurprisingly developers around the world began to […]

A couple of weeks ago Vivan and I packed our bags to head to Nottingham for Hack24, a weekend hackathon held by Tech Nottingham. We were looking forward to seeing what inventive uses of Pusher a crowd of 100+ hackers could come up with in a short space of time. Hack24 was held in the […]

Last week I travelled to San Francisco for Fluent Conf, a front end web development conference held every year by O’Reilly. It was fantastic to experience this event for the first time and meet many new and interesting people to chat with. Universal JavaScript I was fortunate enough to be talking on Universal JavaScript (you […]

image for elm 0.17 realtime app using pusher tutorial

We’re big fans of Elm Lang at Pusher, a functional reactive language that compiles to JavaScript. We recently attended an Elm hacknight in London and ever since we’ve been thinking about how to integrate Pusher into an Elm application. Longer term we’d love to build a native Elm library for Pusher but in the mean […]

Recently I was asked to run a workshop on ES6 at CodeHub Bristol, a great meetup you should definitely check out if you’re ever in the south west. Having done a few workshops in person I wanted to try something different in order to see if I could fix some of the problems I’d come […]

Vue.js is a framework for building web applications using a component based approach. It focuses primarily on the “View” layer of the traditional MVC and in that sense is much more akin to ReactJS than a larger framework like Angular or Ember. If you’re keen for code, the app we’ll build is on GitHub for […]

To celebrate Christmas and our love of Lego in the Pusher office we’ve built a live updating wall of pictures, taken from 500px and using the LegofyJS library to convert them into their lego form. It’s really nice to see a regular stream of christmas lego figures popping up in your browser! We’ve open sourced […]