Introduction Often when developing a complex web application there can be multiple layers that need to work together. For example, a database, backend, and UI layer that all need to fit together and work in harmony for the overall application to work. One key way to ensure that your application works correctly is to implement […]

This tutorial is part of Build an online text RPG with GraphQL and React course. In the part 2 of this tutorial series, we added the ability to see and explore the world around us. The only problem was that we were strictly a viewer, and had no ability to interact with it in any […]

This tutorial will expand on that by giving some structure using Graphql and React, allowing our characters to explore the world and to see the other characters as they come and go. Our world is going to be a fairly traditional Dungeons and Dragons dungeon, with a number of rooms and corridors that players can […]

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To embrace more modern development practices, we are going to build our game as a web-based interface, allowing anyone with a modern web browser to join. We will use Pusher as the mechanism allowing players to get immediate updates of anything happening in the game world, with a frontend written using React, and a GraphQL […]

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GraphQL is a modern alternative to REST for writing web-based APIs, allowing for the server to expose a schema describing the entire graph of data, and for the client query against that schema. GraphQL allows for much richer data to be obtained with less overhead, due to needing fewer requests and no need for returning […]

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In this tutorial, we’re going to explore creating a simple chat app in the React Native framework, which allows us to use the same source code to target both Android and iOS. In order to keep this example simple to follow we’re going to focus only on the basics – a single chat room, and […]