Every chat application requires real time functionality. This amongst other benefits allows interaction between users in different location(s). A chat application like this can be built to function on diverse platforms, be it mobile or web applications. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to build a chat application using React and Pusher. […]

Adonis is a full stack, open source MVC framework for Node.js. The framework is inspired by the PHP framework Laravel. As at the time of this tutorial, it has over 2.8k stars on GitHub. Adonis focuses on the developers productivity and efficiency over anything else. It also comes with a lot of features including the […]

Quite a number of us like to order food. How about we track the delivery of meals right from placing our order to its delivery. In this article, we would be building a food delivery tracking progressive web app (PWA) using Pusher and Vue.js. Here is what the final demo would look like: Background A […]

By combining a lot of concepts from well known frameworks such as Angular and React, Stencil JS allows us to compile and create native web components using plain JavaScript and, in the process, build amazing stuff. In this tutorial, we will build a realtime score board component with Stencil JS and Pusher. With us to […]

Stock market data becomes more valuable as it essentially delivers an opportunity for traders who seek analysis and statistics. In this tutorial we will be building a trade platform that portrays the experience for stock markets, where trades in prices can be visualized in realtime. This will be built using JavaScript, Chart.js and realtime capabilities […]

A few weeks ago in Polymer Summit 2017, Max Lynch and Adam Bradley introduced a new compiler which creates native Web Components. The compiler is called Stencil and it combines a lot of aspects from known libraries and frameworks such as React and Angular. In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the basics of […]

Imagine a web application that you can browse, even with a very poor network connection. An offline web application that will still give access to up-to-date data and keep engaging users. This is the promise of progressive web applications and, as evident from testimonies of increased conversion rate by leading companies such as Twitter, Forbes, […]

In this tutorial, we are using Adonis 4.0 to build a RESTful application. Adonis is an open source Node.js web framework with primary focus on simplicity and ease of use. It was inspired by Laravel and borrows a lot of features from the PHP framework. The framework comes with features such as Job queues, an […]

It’s quite clear that virtual reality is where the world is headed. Art galleries, auctions, real estate and automobile sales are going the way of virtual reality. Even sight seeing trips are not going to be left behind as you can now tour the world through your VR headset. There’s so much to explore and […]

If you are building an app that handles extensive data, you might want to implement realtime tables at some point. Let’s take a content management system for instance. Large amounts of data are added and removed often, and we would like the changes to be available to consumers immediately. In this tutorial, we are going […]

In an article published earlier, we explored how to use SlackTextViewController and Chatkit to create a messaging application. This application allows us to share messages with others in a chat room. In this article, however, we will explore how you can use Chatkit with UITableViewController without the need for any third party library. Here’s a […]

Sometime, somehow we have wanted to put up a static website and host it somewhere quick, no frameworks, no “2017 latest web tech” to build it with. Just plain HTML and CSS; maybe some JavaScript, nothing too complex. NOTE: In order to send messages to Pusher a server component is necessary. Github pages (or any […]