image for debugging react native for iOS tutorial

There are a few common problems that are frequently faced by users who are new to React. Although they are all mentioned somewhere in the official docs, they are easy to miss and can be hard to find when you do get bitten. Therefore, I’m aggregating them in this post and hope it helps you […]

React, despite its widespread use in the front-end development scene today, is a very misunderstood tool. It is a library for building user interfaces, originally developed at Facebook, but is now being used by thousands of other companies such as Twitter, Dropbox, Paypal and more. To illustrate just how popular React has become, the core […]

image for getting started with react router tutorial

This tutorial will take you through some of the most important concepts in React Router by showing how to build a simple portfolio website that uses the library to navigate through its pages. Single Page Apps (SPAs) are all the rave these days. Unlike a traditional web application, an SPA dynamically rewrites the current page […]

React 16, also known as React Fiber, is a complete rewrite of the popular library‚Äôs core algorithm aimed at improving perceived performance and responsiveness of complex applications. Some of the main goals of React 16 are: the faster rendering of components and animations, the ability to prioritize DOM updates, the ability to split rendering work […]