Chatkit: Announcing webhooks and other new features

We are starting off this month with a bunch of exciting updates for Chatkit!

With webhooks, you can now extend the reach of your in-app chat functionality by automating responses to chat activity within your app. Webhooks let you subscribe to events within your chat application. When that event occurs, Chatkit will trigger the request with a payload to the endpoint specified in the webhook settings.


Use webhooks to get more value out of your in-app chat activity by:

  1. Integrating into existing workflows
  2. Monitoring chat rooms for prohibited language and keywords
  3. Alerting users about their mentions
  4. Welcome actions when users enter the chat functionality
  5. Tracking analytics about user engagement in chat rooms
  6. Sending auto-responses to messages
  7. Integrating with chatbots

Some of the event types supported include users created, messages created, and so on. For a list of all the event types supported refer to the documentation here.

Multi-part messages

We have made it possible to send multiple images at once with your messages, or attach emojis to your images. To learn more about the new APIs and how to migrate your existing user-bases to the new multi-part messages, head on to the docs.

Unread message counts
We have updated the subscribe to user events API to also include the unread counts information. The updated API reference is here.

We hope that these new updates help you do even more with Chatkit. We’re excited to see what new experiences you will build. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know!

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