Announcing Chatkit and Beams integration, multiple push notifications credentials and more!

Hit the January slump? We’ve got a remedy for that. This week, we’re excited to launch a bundle of new features and improvements in Chatkit made for creating richer conversational experiences for your users.

Chatkit + Beams 

Chatkit has a new friend! The integration of Beams, our realtime push notifications product, with Chatkit is now live.

Currently push notifications are generated if a user in a non-public chat room receives a chat message when offline. Chatkit users can customize the title of the notifications, but in the past the options ended there.

With this brand new integration, Chatkit users can gain access to the extensive functionality offered by Beams. You’ll be able to upgrade your notifications with full customization and media attachments, and monitor your delivery health too.

Want to make sure users aren’t missing anything? Now you can use Chatkit and Beams to send alerts to customers who have been away for a while, let them know if a driver has messaged them about their ride, or notify them about events like room name changes and new members.

Find out more about Chatkit pricing  and Beams pricing. 

More Apps , More Push Notifications

Our on-demand and marketplace customers can now keep everything connected with multiple push notification credentials. You’ll be able to send notifications across all platforms and users on different apps (like drivers and riders) can stay in sync with the launch of this highly requested feature.

Check out the documentation to get started here!

Edit Messages 

We’ve all hit send only to realise that…oops, there’s a typo! Maybe you could have phrased that better, maybe you shouldn’t have sent that message meant for your desk buddy to your boss…

No need to sweat the mistakes — with post-send message editing capability your users will be able to correct their chats even after they have been sent. 

Find the docs here!

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