Add Realtime to PhoneGap for Android

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We’ve a whole host of client and server libraries for various technologies. This means no matter your technology of choice there’s an option for you when using Pusher in your app. Whilst having a library and quality documentation are key aspects when using a service sometimes it’s also nice to have a getting started project that you can just download and run. Using Pusher on Android with PhoneGap wasn’t quite as easy as we’d like it to be so I decided to create the Pusher PhoneGap Android starter project.

The README covers all the details you’ll need to get started, but I’ve also created a screencast.

I’m excited about this project because it works around the WebView in Android not supporting WebSockets by using a PhoneGap WebSocket wrapper that’s then made accessible to the JavaScript runtime in the WebView.

We’ve already got a few customers trying out the project but if you have any feedback please drop an email to or give @pusher a tweet.

Pusher is the easiest way to add realtime features to your application.

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